Social Media Policy

The Fredericton Community Kitchens Inc. (“the Kitchens”) encourages interaction among users on our social media sites but is not responsible for the content of others published on any official Kitchens websites, pages, or affiliates. This is including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and all other social media websites.

Due to the public nature of these pages for comment by other users, the views expressed by guest posters do not reflect that of the Kitchens or original author. Each person is individually responsible for his/her own content (including privacy settings) shared via the web and the Kitchens is not liable for such content.

 The Kitchens reserves the right, but is not obligated, to remove comments or posts that are racist, sexist, abusive, profane, violent, obscene or spam; that advocate illegal activity, include falsehoods, contain commercial solicitations, are wildly off-topic, or cannot be translated to English using free online tools; that libel, defame, incite, threaten or make attacks on the Kitchens, its employees, Board members, guests or others. The Kitchens also reserves the right to remove comments or posts that are deemed negative or offensive by the page’s administrators. Violators will be banned from the page without notice.

The Kitchens thanks you in advance for your contributions to our social media pages, and for your compliance and assistance in creating a safe and vibrant online community.

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